Julianna Lose

Julianna was born on a crisp January morning and her brilliance was immediately apparent. Her parents often told her how she was born for greatness, but then again they may have been biased. She attended University of the Arts and graduated with honors. From there she started her own small press making baby apparel, BonBonBaby Apparel. Babies from around the world have given her clothing high praise by occasionally vomiting on her onesies. She has a deep love for cats and Law & Order SVU. She feels emotionally attached to Detective Benson, but then again who doesn't feel this way. Julianna enjoys naps, comedies, and bagels. One day she plans to travel to Paris and do all the touristy things. She hopes to one day write the novel that is her hilariously awkward life, and to have it adapted to screen. Amy Poehler would be the obvious choice to play her.